World of Outlaws iRacing Invitational Driver Message


First of all, THANK YOU for joining us for tonight’s World of Outlaws iRacing Invitational on FS1. We are excited to bring the World of Outlaws — though virtual — to an international audience of millions. Let’s flex our stuff, and put on a great show!

Since the FS1 show is features only, we will be running a couple of MANDATORY practice sessions starting at 5:00PM.

Tonight’s event is a features-only Invitational and will be lined up differently from previous World of Outlaws iRacing events. Once everyone accepts their invitation into the league, the starting fields will be lined up according to an algorithm of average iRacing lap times adjusted for track conditions — followed by a pill draw with one 4, two 6’es, and two 8’s.

Note: We will begin each Feature with our iconic World of Outlaws four-wide salute to the fans, and we have only two pace laps to get this done. Please follow direction and get into formation out of the gate. We urge you to take this seriously and nail it.

RUN OF SHOW: The Dirt Track at Charlotte (open setup)

5:00-6:00 – Sprint Car Practice
6:00-7:00 – Late Model Practice

7:30pm – Sprint Car Session will Launch.  Please do NOT run laps when you join.  This is the only way we can preserve the track for the feature.  We’ll try to hold cars off the track until 7:45 or so. Once we get the command to go to race ( estimating about 8:05), registration will close.  Drivers not in the session will not be able to get in. Once we get the command, we’ll advance to the 35-lap Feature.

8:00pm – Broadcast will begin
8:05pm APPROX – Advance the session to race.
8:06 APPROX – 35-lap Sprint Car Feature – Manual Cautions – 2 Car Resets

As soon as the Sprint Cars finish their race, the Late Model session will begin. If you’re pulling double duty, immediately move over to the Late Model race unless you are the WINNER! Winner must stick around for interviews.  
We’re estimated the end time of Sprints 8:20 and launching the Late Model session to race at 8:30. Very short window to get signed up for the late model race.  Please be aware.
8:30pm – Late Model Race – 50 laps – Manual Cautions – 2 Car Resets
Remember we’re on TV!  We want to put on a good show.  Nobody wants to watch us pacing all night.

ALL drivers should remain available for post-race for interviews on TEAMSPEAK.

TEAMSPEAK Setup Instructions:
1. You need a working PC microphone/headset
2. TeamSpeak can be found and downloaded here.   (no need to install OverWolf plugin during the installation!)
3. Open TeamSpeak, go to Connections > Connect
4. Server Address is:
5. Insert your name and leave “Server Password” blank. Then connect.

Please run your paint schemes through Trading Paints, asap, so that your cars are at their best and don’t look like cartoon cars. Go to and upload your scheme.  This must be done PRIOR to tonight’s event.

Here’s a walkthrough that should hopefully explain the relevant steps.

Thank you all for joining us!  If you have any additional questions, please contact Casey Shuman via our driver text group.


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