Tornadoes, Cheeseburgers and Jerry Seinfield

The past 24 hours have been……………………interesting and enlightening to say the least. Yesterday, Chris Dolack, Kellen Burns and myself took off from not-so-sunny North Carolina for an 8 hour road trip to the sunny landscape of eastern Florida……..or so we thought. We pulled into town on the strength of Slim Jim’s, a hilarious Altima joke and Jerry Seinfield on the radio. After checking into our rooms, we settled down to watch Aaron Rodgers systematically pick apart the Steelers defense. I was pulling for the Steel Curtain but Rodgers truly delivered an All Star performance. More enjoyable than the game itself was new Mini commercial. I’m very sure that “Cram it in the Boot,” will be burned into our minds for the remainder of the trip.

Our first day at the track has been great. There is a ton of work to be done but with everyone pitching in and helping out, its going alright. Work stopped for a bit this afternoon as severe weather rolled into the area.

We put everything away and watched as Mother Nature came in and huffed and puffed for awhile. The rains saturated an already muddy track and pit area. Thankfully, most of our banners remained intact and are ready to go. Supposedly a tornado passed through the area too. As I write this, we are all in the tower, busily working on lap tops and scarfing down some much needed cheeseburgers and fries from the Golden Arch’s. On tap for tomorrow? Race cars and STEAK ON A STICK!

alt Gump

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