Sky High: Jason Meyers is getting ready to take off with the Blue Angels

Racecar drivers are the ones that are usually making the calls. They have the control to pilot their high powered racing machines each time they set a tire on the track. On Tuesday, though Jason Meyers is going to be stepping out of the driver’s seat and getting in the back seat. The World of Outlaws Champion is also going to be trading in his driver’s uniform and will be preparing for the flight of a lifetime—with the Blue Angels.


Prior to racing next week at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Meyers will be visiting the Naval Air Facility in El Centro. Meyers will be flying in the back seat of a Blue Angels F-18, piloted by LT David Tickle.  The flight will demonstrate both the precision and high performance capabilities of the Navy’s premier fighter/attack aircraft and last approximately 45 minutes.  Naval Air Facility El Centro is known as “The Pearl of the Desert” is located about 100 miles east of San Diego, and is used as a training area for Navy, Marine Corps as well as foreign aviators.


The California Champion will also have the opportunity to meet the maintenance team that is responsible for these amazing aircrafts.  In 65 years of flight demonstrations, the Blue Angels have never once been grounded due to a maintenance issue.  These Sailors and Marines work tirelessly to ensure that the aircraft are ready to fly safely in the air at any given time.

In return, Elite Racing is going to be showing off their own craft. The Elite Racing team will be on hand with the #14 GLR Investments KPC to let the Naval Team get an up close look at a World of Outlaws Sprint Car. Meyers will be signing autographs and meeting with members of the Armed Forces during his visit on Tuesday.

“This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime,” expressed Meyers.” To have the privilege of flying with the Blue Angles is a dream come true and an honor. When you hear the name Blue Angels you cannot help but to have a sense of pride for this great country we live in and the image of our soldiers fighting for our freedom. I want to thank Eric Mallies for helping set this up, but most of all I want to thank the men and women who serve this great country we have the privilege of living in. I am looking forward to this visit not just for the chance to fly with the Blue Angles, but  so I can thank just a few of these service men and women who let us live in freedom.”


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