Saldana Victorious in Clash at the Creek

Spring Valley, MN — Win, lose or draw, Joey Saldana always has his two biggest fans waiting for him at the end of the night, in his wife Shannon and son Reece. Now, the native of Brownsburg, Indiana has three super fans, as the couple welcomed their second son, Ragan into the world on Friday. Saldana gave the entire family something to cheer about on Saturday night as he was victorious in The Clash at the Creek Presented By Sprint For a Cure at Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota.

With the win, Saldana remained undefeated at Deer Creek after claiming the inaugural World of Outlaws event at the immaculate high-banked 3/8-mile last season. Saldana has won 13 times this season to lead the series as he chases his first title and now has 72 career A-Feature triumphs.

“This is for my wife,” said an ecstatic Saldana in Victory Lane. “She’s a trooper. She had our second boy on Friday and I can’t thank her enough for being a strong woman and for doing what she does, because she’s pretty amazing. I can’t wait to get home tomorrow and see my beautiful son Ragan. What can I say? That race was probably won in the dash and we got ourselves in position there. I didn’t want to make a mistake. I felt like we had a good car and it was close at the end.”

Saldana had current World of Outlaws point leader Jason Meyers all over him for the final 10 circuits of the 35-lap contest, as the pair negotiated some late race lapped traffic. Meyers looked low in turns one and two on the final lap, but was not able to get enough of a run to try a slider on Saldana. Prior to that Meyers looked low in turns three and four a couple of times in his bid for the top spot.

Meyers used his runner-up finish to remain on top of the standing by a mere three points over Saldana, with 20-time series champion Steve Kinser, who finished third, third in points 48 markers back, in what is the closest three-way battle in World of Outlaws history, with just eight races remaining in 2010.

“Oh yeah, I saw him,” deadpanned Saldana when asked if he saw Meyers underneath him in the late going. “He’s there and he’s probably going to be there until November. We’ve had a good car and just have had a lot of bad luck this year. At least we’ve had a fast car and can hang our hat on that, knowing we’ve been fast even if things haven’t turned out like we’ve wanted them to. Everyone at KKR does a fantastic job and its fun to be part of this team.”

Saldana was out front for each of the four double file restarts in the Budweiser Maxim on Saturday night. He chose the low line to restart on each of the first two and then moved to the high side of the track on the final pair of restarts. Each time he quickly jumped to a lead in turn one. The race began with him setting the pace from the pole position, with the first caution of the night flying before that lap was in the books, leading to a complete restart.

“I think the bottom was starting to wear out there and it worked for us,” shared Saldana of his strategy on the final two double file restarts. “It was definitely close with Jason (Meyers) there at the end trying the top. It worked out and that’s all that matters.”

Meyers ended up second aboard the GLR Investments KPC to remain on top of the World of Outlaws standings. The native of Clovis, California began the night by turning in the second fastest lap in time trials to earn four bonus points in the series standings. He lined up fifth in the main event and got around Chad Kemenah for fourth on the opening lap. He then worked on Donny Schatz, moving into third on the fourth lap. Just one circuit later on a restart, Meyers took second from Kerry Madsen.

“We had a good run from fifth to second and a great race track tonight,” said Meyers. “I hope the fans enjoyed that one, because they saw one heck of a race. My team did a great job as always tonight. They keep digging hard and we’ll come back next week and hopefully get them.”

Steve Kinser, who is currently third in points as he chases his record 21st series title, lined up 14th on Saturday night and powered his way to a third-place finish aboard the Bass Pro Shops Maxim, snagging the final podium spot from his teammate Donny Schatz in the late going.

“It wasn’t too bad of a run,” said Kinser. “We are just having trouble getting qualified. We have a good race car in the feature.”

Donny Schatz ended up fourth in the Armor All/STP J&J, with Sammy Swindell coming from the 13th starting spot to fifth in the Big Game Treestands Maxim.

Lucas Wolfe earned the KSE Racing Products Hard Charger Award with a masterful run from 24th to sixth. After engine trouble prevented him from turning a lap in time trials, he started shotgun in his heat race, as well as in The Last Chance Showdown in addition to the main event aboard the Allebach Racing Maxim.

Kerry Madsen was seventh in the Halls Haulage KPC, with Jac Haudenschild, who won on Friday night at Clay County Fair Speedway, coming from the 17th starting position to finish eighth in the Owens-Corning Fiberglass XXX. Jason Sides was ninth in the Wetherington Tractor Service Maxim, with Craig Dollansky rebounding from an early accident that forced him to the work area, to finish 10th in the Big Game Treestands Maxim.

The World of Outlaws return to action on Friday, September 24 at the famed Eldora Speedway in Ohio, followed by the Commonwealth Clash at the historic Lernerville Speedway in Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 25.


•FAST QUALIFIER: Sam Hafertepe Jr. paced the 28 cars that took time with an AMB i.t. timed lap around the semi-banked 3/8-mile oval at 11.474 seconds at 117.657 miles per hour. For his qualifying effort Hafertepe earned five bonus points. The next four fastest qualifiers also earned bonus points, including: Jason Meyers (4), Kerry Madsen (3), Joey Saldana (2) and Donny Schatz (1).

•DEER CREEK SPEEDWAY QUALIFYING WINNERS: Mark Dobmeier, Paul McMahan and Brian Brown won heat races. Joey Saldana won the Dash. Brooke Tatnell won the Last Chance Showdown.

FEATURE WINNERS: There have been 61 World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series A-Feature events held in 2010. The winners include: Joey Saldana (Thunderbowl Raceway, Volunteer Speedway, I-55 Raceway, Eldora Speedway-twice, Dodge City Raceway Park, River Cities Speedway, LaSalle Speedway, Beaver Dam Raceway, Lernerville Speedway, Nodak Speedway, Castrol Raceway and Deer Creek Speedway), Jason Meyers (The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Thunderbowl Raceway, Volunteer Speedway, Tri-State (Okla.) Speedway, Virginia Motor Speedway, I-96 Speedway, North Central Speedway, I-55 Raceway, Castrol Raceway and Silver Dollar Speedway), Steve Kinser (Volusia Speedway Park, Jackson Speedway, River Cities Speedway, Lakeside Speedway, Eldora Speedway, Autodrome Drummond, Fulton Speedway and Skagit Speedway), Jac Haudenschild (Paducah International Raceway, Knoxville Raceway, Skagit Speedway and Clay County Fair Speedway), Donny Schatz (Volusia Speedway Park, The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Ohsweken Speedway and Silver Dollar Speedway), Jason Sides (Houston Raceway Park , Tri-City Speedway, Missouri State Fair Speedway and Ohsweken Speedway), Craig Dollansky (Lone Star Speedway, Cedar Lake Speedway and Nodak Speedway), Sammy Swindell (Dodge City Raceway, Huset’s Speedway and Silver Dollar Speedway), Lance Dewease (Lernerville Speedway and Williams Grove Speedway), Brooke Tatnell (Knoxville Raceway and Junction Motor Speedway), Dale Blaney (Limaland Motorsports Park), Doug Esh (Lebanon Valley Speedway), Greg Hodnett (Williams Grove Speedway), Danny Lasoski (Cottage Grove Speedway), Chad Layton (Williams Grove Speedway), Paul McMahan (Eldora Speedway), Fred Rahmer (Williams Grove Speedway) and Tim Shaffer (I-55 Raceway).

3/8-MILE-WINNERS: Deer Creek Speedway is a high-banked 3/8-mile. The World of Outlaws have raced 16 times on a track that size this season. The winners include: Joey Saldana (Dodge City Raceway Park, Nodak Speedway, Castrol Raceway and Deer Creek Speedway), Craig Dollansky (Cedar Lake Speedway and Nodak Speedway), Jac Haudenschild (Paducah International Raceway and Clay County Fair Speedway), Jason Meyers (Tri-State-Okla. Speedway and Castrol Raceway), Sammy Swindell (Dodge City Raceway Park and Huset’s Speedway), Steve Kinser (Fulton Speedway), Donny Schatz (Ohsweken Speedway), Jason Sides (Ohsweken Speedway) and Brooke Tatnell (Junction Motor Speedway).

World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Statistical Report; Deer Creek Speedway; Spring Valley, MN; September 18, 2010


1) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr. 11.474

2) 14-Jason Meyers 11.496

3) 3-Kerry Madsen 11.502

4) 9-Joey Saldana 11.574

5) 15-Donny Schatz 11.578

6) 2B-Ben Gregg 11.613

7) 63-Chad Kemenah 11.646

8) 91-Paul McMahan 11.649

9) 7S-Jason Sides 11.650

10) 13-Mark Dobmeier 11.651

11) 11K-Kraig Kinser 11.658

12) 21-Brian Brown 11.669

13) 1-Sammy Swindell 11.738

14) 11-Steve Kinser 11.793

15) 4X-Toni Lutar 11.808

16) 7-Craig Dollansky 11.843

17) R19-Jac Haudenschild 11.861

18) 6-Danny Lasoski 11.861

19) 59-Brooke Tatnell 11.916

20) 55-Ian Madsen 11.932

21) 7K-Robby Wolfgang 11.999

22) 56-Davey Heskin 12.038

23) 1H-Jeremy Kerzman 12.120

24) 49-Josh Schneiderman 12.130

25) 8-Casey Mack 12.276

26) 92-Mitch Mack 12.305

27) 2-Kevin Ingle 12.658

28) 16-Duane Olson 13.704

29) 5W-Lucas Wolfe -.—

Heat 1 (8 Laps, top 6 finishers transferred to A-feature) – Starting Position [#]

1) 63-Chad Kemenah[2]

2) 13-Mark Dobmeier[1]

3) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.[4]

4) 9-Joey Saldana[3]

5) 7-Craig Dollansky[6]

6) 1-Sammy Swindell[5]

7) 56-Davey Heskin[8]

8) 59-Brooke Tatnell[7]

9) 8-Casey Mack[9]

10) 16-Duane Olson[10]

Heat 2 (8 Laps, top 6 finishers transferred to A-feature) – Starting Position [#]

1) 91-Paul McMahan[2]

2) 14-Jason Meyers[4]

3) 11-Steve Kinser[5]

4) R19-Jac Haudenschild[6]

5) 11K-Kraig Kinser[1]

6) 15-Donny Schatz[3]

7) 5W-Lucas Wolfe[10]

8) 55-Ian Madsen[7]

9) 1H-Jeremy Kerzman[8]

10) 92-Mitch Mack[9]

Heat 3 (8 Laps, top 6 finishers transferred to A-feature) – Starting Position [#]

1) 21-Brian Brown[1]

2) 7S-Jason Sides[2]

3) 2B-Ben Gregg[3]

4) 6-Danny Lasoski[6]

5) 3-Kerry Madsen[4]

6) 4X-Toni Lutar[5]

7) 49-Josh Schneiderman[8]

8) 7K-Robby Wolfgang[7]

9) 2-Kevin Ingle[9]

Dash (6 laps, finishing order determined first 10 starting positions of A-feature) – Starting Position [#]

1) 9-Joey Saldana[3]

2) 3-Kerry Madsen[4]

3) 63-Chad Kemenah[1]

4) 15-Donny Schatz[2]

5) 14-Jason Meyers[5]

6) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.[6]

7) 91-Paul McMahan[7]

8) 7S-Jason Sides[8]

9) 21-Brian Brown[10]

10) 13-Mark Dobmeier[9]

B-main (12 laps, top 6 finishers transferred to A-feature) – Starting Position [#]

1) 59-Brooke Tatnell[1]

2) 55-Ian Madsen[2]

3) 7K-Robby Wolfgang[3]

4) 56-Davey Heskin[4]

5) 1H-Jeremy Kerzman[5]

6) 5W-Lucas Wolfe[11]

7) 8-Casey Mack[7] [$200]

8) 49-Josh Schneiderman[6] [$180]

9) 2-Kevin Ingle[9] [$175]

10) 92-Mitch Mack[8] [$160]

11) 16-Duane Olson[10] [$150]

A-main (35 laps) – Starting Position [#]

1) 9-Joey Saldana[1] [$10,000]

2) 14-Jason Meyers[5] [$5,500]

3) 11-Steve Kinser[14] [$3,200]

4) 15-Donny Schatz[4] [$2,800]

5) 1-Sammy Swindell[13] [$2,500]

6) 5W-Lucas Wolfe[24] [$2,300]

7) 3-Kerry Madsen[2] [$2,200]

8) R19-Jac Haudenschild[17] [$2,100]

9) 7S-Jason Sides[8] [$2,050]

10) 7-Craig Dollansky[16] [$2,000]

11) 91-Paul McMahan[7] [$1,500]

12) 56-Davey Heskin[22] [$1,200]

13) 13-Mark Dobmeier[10] [$1,100]

14) 63-Chad Kemenah[3] [$1,050]

15) 59-Brooke Tatnell[19] [$1,000]

16) 21-Brian Brown[9] [$900]

17) 6-Danny Lasoski[18] [$800]

18) 11K-Kraig Kinser[12] [$800]

19) 7K-Robby Wolfgang[21] [$800]

20) 55-Ian Madsen[20] [$800]

21) 1H-Jeremy Kerzman[23] [$800]

22) 4X-Toni Lutar[15] [$800]

23) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.[6] [$800]

24) 2B-Ben Gregg[11] [$800]

Lap Leaders: Joey Saldana 1-35
KSE Hard Charger Award: Lucas Wolfe
Penske Power Position Award: Craig Dollansky

World of Outlaws Championship Standings through September 18

  1. Jason Meyers 8199
  2. Joey Saldana 8196 -3
  3. Steve Kinser 8151 -48
  4. Donny Schatz 8084 -115
  5. Jason Sides 7991 -208
  6. Paul McMahan 7918 -281
  7. Craig Dollansky 7565 -634
  8. Lucas Wolfe 7531 -668
  9. Danny Lasoski 7442 -757
  10. Kraig Kinser 7398 -801

The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series is brought to fans across the country by many important sponsors and partners, including: Armor All (Official Car Care Products), Chizmark & Larson Insurance, Goodyear Tires (Official Tire), SuperClean (Official Cleaner-Degreaser), VP Racing (Official Racing Fuel); in addition to contingency sponsors, Jake’s Custom Golf Carts, KSE Race Products, Penske Shocks, R2C Performance, Racing Electronics, S&S Volvo; Engine Builder’s Challenge participants Don Ott Racing Engines, Kistler Engines, Shaver Specialties and Speedway Engines; and Chassis Builder’s Challenge participants J&J Auto Racing, Maxim Racing and XXX Race Company.

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