New in 2011: Elite Racing Welcomes New Team Member and Supporters

It has been said that change is inevitable, except when you are dealing with vending machines. With the environment in auto racing, change is inevitable from season to season. The season has just begun so, Elite Racing would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new additions for 2011. Among those additions include new supporters and a seasoned crew member that brings years of auto racing experience and success to the team.

Shane Bowers Becomes a Part of Elite Racing


Joining Elite Racing in 2011, Shane Bowers has many years of experience in sprint car racing.  Hailing from New Oxford, Pennsylvania, in 2000 Bowers started volunteering and then eventually landed a job with PJ and James Chesson. They raced locally around Pennsylvania for about two years, before he got a break with a World of Outlaws team. He was only with them for one year before returning back to his native PA.


Upon his return, Bowers worked for a friend in Pennsylvania and honed his knowledge of their dirt tracks.  He then tried another World of Outlaws team which partnered him with Brian Paulus for two years. After, he went on to work with Tim Shaffer for one season. When that season was over, he partnered with Donny Schatz for five years and won the championship four out of those five seasons.

Over the years, Bowers has won over 90 World of Outlaws A-mains as a mechanic. He has also been won notable events over the years including four Knoxville Nationals, two Williams Grove National Opens, and two Kings Royals.

Bowers made the move to 2011 to Elite Racing for a new challenge. He had seen how Elite Racing was ran over the years, how team oriented they were, and enjoyed being around the people involved. In 2011, Bowers hopes to help Meyers continue his winning ways and be a part of his fifth World of Outlaws title.


“Also that I am very appreciative of the time I spent with Donny and that I am thankful of all I have learned from him and Ricky Warner,” Bowers stated. “With Elite Racing I would love to win the Gold Cup since it is the only major race I have not won as a crew member and of course the 2011 championship. I am very appreciative of the sacrifices that my son and wife have made for me to continue to do what I love. Also, I appreciate my family in New Oxford, Pennsylvania which are understanding about my love of racing and support me every step of the way.”


New Supporters Join Elite Racing


Barnes Systems manufactures oil systems that top racing teams trust, which is exactly why they are becoming a part of Elite Racing in 2011. With over thirty years of racing experience, Barnes Systems has focused on developing a variety of racing components in several forms of racing including: NASCAR, USAC, World of Outlaws, and Drag Racing. Barnes Systems has created dry sump and high-volume, high-efficiency oil delivery systems to support the power generated by racing engines. With Charlie Garrett horse-power and Barnes Systems, Elite Racing will be reaching new highs in 2011.


Tough coatings performs under extreme pressure is the motto of Calico Coatings, which will become a part of Elite Racing in 2011. Located in Denver, North Carolina, Calico Coatings is known for customizing coatings solutions that reduce friction and wear, save fuel, and increase performance for all their clients. Through their four step methodology of success (1) listen to customer needs, (2) assess the need and determine the best coating for the project, (3) coordinate production to ensure quality standards, and (4) on-time delivery, Calico Coatings has Elite Racing covered in 2011.


Celebrating their 30th year of excellence, JESEL Valvetrain Innovation joins Elite Racing in 2011. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, JESEL works to make shaft rockers, camshaft belt drives, push rods and other necessities for race teams. Each day their employees work to manufacture products that meet and defeat the challenges at hand. Led by Dan Jesel a former racer and engine builder, they understand the quality and service it takes to be champions. From drag racing to NASCAR and every type of racing between, JESEL is working to be the leader as the sport continues to grow and develop.


Based out of Lancaster, New York Jiffy-tite is one of the new additions to the Elite Racing family. Jiffy-tite is a global leader for innovative quick-connect solutions for fluid systems. Over the years the company has been known for providing its customers with quality, innovative, and continually improved solutions, which are second to none. Their mission is to bring their customers success through their products. Elite Racing is looking forward to helping Jiffy-tite continue to improve their products and being a part of their company’s success.

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