Kerry Madsen – Month of Money Continues in Ohio!

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(Bill W) July 11, 2012 – It’s a big week for Kerry Madsen and the Keneric Racing #29 team.  Tonight, they will participate in the Brad Doty Classic at Limaland Motorsports Park, before heading to Eldora Speedway Friday and Saturday for the King’s Royal.  Three races last week with the World of Outlaws saw a mixed bag of results, but a fast racecar each night.

Things started Tuesday, July 3 at the Huset’s Speedway.  “We didn’t qualify too well (18th),” says the St. Mary’s, New South Wales driver.  “It wasn’t any one thing.  I just didn’t cut two good laps.  We got it right in the heat (4th).”

Starting towards the rear in the feature, things got off to a rocky start for Kerry.  “There was a big crash at the start,” he says.  “Something happened in front of me, and I had nowhere to go.  It knocked the front end clear out, but we got it repaired and got back out there.”

After repairs, Kerry was moving forward again until another tangle on a restart ended his night with a DNF.  “We were able to get up to eleventh or twelfth,” he says.  “We had a double-file restart, and there was another incident up ahead that caused a chain reaction.  It got Terry McCarl flipping, and he couldn’t control his flipping and got onto me (laughs).  We were done after that.  We fixed it, but the rear-end was bent.”

Friday night the WoO headed to the Cedar Lake Speedway near New Richmond, Wisconsin.  “We qualified fifth, which normally puts you in the Dash, but none of the top five made first or second in our heat, so I started eleventh,” says Kerry.  “We had a reasonable racecar.  We finished seventh, which sounds really boring, but pretty much the whole time it was three-wide racing from the five to ten mark.  It was pretty fun.”

Beaver Dam Raceway in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin hosted the series on Saturday night.  “We were having a good night,” says Kerry.  “We had qualified fourth.  We ran second in the Dash, and on the initial start of the feature we were back to third.”

Another tangle sent Kerry to the back.  “I passed Sammy (Swindell) back for second, and in the middle of one and two, I was running the bottom,” he says.  “I think he got a little hot going in, and we both spun.  We went to the back and finished sixteenth.”

It was a disappointing end to a night where Kerry looked to be in contention for his third WoO win of the season.  “We were going to have a good racecar,” he says.  “I don’t know that we were going to win.  It was going to take rubber.  We were going to have a strong run.  It was generally just a racing thing.  I feel 100% innocent, but there’s no way Sammy is going to do something deliberate or stupid to cause that.  It was just racing.”

Kerry looks forward to tonight’s Brad Doty Classic.  “Lima is always a bad-ass race,” he says.  “I don’t know if it is the shape of it, or the way the lines change.  It is a cool place.  With Brad Doty there, that is cool.”

Friday will mark the “Knight Before the King’s Royal” at Eldora Speedway near Rossburg, Ohio before Saturday’s big show, the King’s Royal.  Kerry was running up front in the WoO’s last visit to the high banks.  “It is pretty much our second favorite race weekend behind the Nationals,” he says.  “I’m pretty excited about that.  We have been good there.  I think we have as good a shot as anyone.  That’s where the racing Gods come in.”

Things are really jelling on a team that includes crew chief, Rob Hart, Shane Bowyers and Tony Barkman.  “We couldn’t be happier with the dynamic,” says Kerry.  “Everyone seems to be getting along well, and it is the perfect timing for all of it to come together.  We are still putting the building blocks in place, but we are getting there.  It is more relaxing.”

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The Team

Kerry Madsen (KMR / Keneric Racing), Bob & Peter Gavranich (Keneric Racing), Earthex, Morrison Motors, KPC Chassis.

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