Elite Racing Playlist

In 2004, Outkast had the #1 song on the Billboard Charts with Hey Ya! While the nation was getting down to that song, the first World of Outlaws team to be based out of California was being established. Elite Racing has been busy writing its history for the past seven years, just like a lyricist composes songs. Not only has the team established themselves as the first team from California to win the World of Outlaws title, it has grown to become one of the organizations on the World of Outlaws tour that other teams strive to be similar to. Now that the 2011 California swing has ended, it is time to look back at how Elite Racing became one of the most successful sprint car teams in the nation as we Journey Through the Past (Neil Young) with Elite Racing’s own playlist.

  • California Dreamin (The Mommas and the Papas)- Prior to the founding of Elite Racing LLC in 2004, Guy Stockbridge started a race team under the Elite Racing banner which Meyers had raced with in a few events in California including the Trophy Cup.
  • Beginnings (Chicago) – On January 1, 2004, Jason Meyers and Guy Stockbridge officially put the business plan into work to form Elite Racing LLC. Their plan was to run the full 2004 World of Outlaws tour.
  • Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen) – In their first year together, the newly formed Elite Racing quickly picked up its first win in its third race at Perris Auto Speedway. The team would go on to collect three more victories and finish 5th in the point standings.
  • It Takes Two (Tina Turner ) – In its second year in existence in 2005, Elite Racing missed winning its first World of Outlaws title by one spot. During the season, Meyers would score four more wins for the team and finish second in the point standings.
  • Wind of Change (Fleetwood Mac) – In 2006, Elite Racing became a part of the National Sprint Tour. Meyers would win his only NST race at Attica Raceway Park and go on to finish 4th in the point standings.
  • Step by Step (New Kids on the Block) – In 2006, Chris Luck’s company GLR Investments became a part of Elite Racing as an associate sponsor.
  • Boys are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy) – 2007 saw Elite Racing return to the World of Outlaws. The team would go on to finish 5th in points with five victories during the season.
  • Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler)- At the end of 2007 after Chris Luck helped Elite Racing through some tight spots during the season, Stockbridge and Meyers went to him and offered Luck a 1/3 partnership in Elite Racing. Luck accepted and became the 3rd owner of Elite Racing.
  • Ten with a Two (Kenny Chesney) – During the 2008 season, Meyers and his Elite Racing team finished second in the point standings for the second time in their career and on their way they collected eight wins.
  • Come Together (The Beatles) – In 2008, Elite Racing started building and running the KPC chassis with Steve Kent.
  • Wide Open (Cadillac Blue) – At the end of 2008, Charlie Garret Engines became the exclusive developer of Engine Parts and Components for Elite Racing.
  • So Close (Hall and Oates) – The 2009 season was another close call in the points. Elite Racing trailed the winner by less than 100 points at the end of the year. Meyers won 9 races during the season.
  • Gold Digger (Kayne West) – On the way to the 2010 championship, Meyers won 12 races including notable events such as the Ironman 55 Bud Crown and World Finals. They also became the first California based team and driver to win the Gold Cup in over 20 years.
  • We Are the Champions (Queen) – In 2010, Jason Meyers and Elite Racing made history as they became the only California based driver and team to win the World of Outlaws title from California.

Up Next

Now that the Elite Racing squad has had a weekend to regroup, they are ready to return to racing action. On Friday April 15, the team will be racing at Paducah International Raceway in Kentucky, before traveling to I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Missouri on Saturday night April 16. With victories at both tracks, the Elite Racing team seems poised to take their first victory of the season this weekend.

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