2016 World of Outlaws Rules Bulletin

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World of Outlaws 2016 Rules Bulletin

The series makes several updates for the upcoming season 

Below are updates for the 2016 World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series season. Check the Members section of WoOSprint.com for the most up-to-date series rulebooks and rules bulletins. 

WoO Sprint Series rule changes for 2016:

· 15.0 D.) Engines with the magneto and/or distributor in a forward mounted and/or front mounted position will be allowed. Said front mounting systems must be approved by WoO before being placed into competition.

o Current approved systems are:

Moroso: part number 60205 and 60206

· 15.8.1 C.) A maximum 2″ removable wicker bill may be mounted on the rear edge of the center foil.

· 15.9 Starting with the first 2016 event only steel wheel cover fasteners will be allowed.

· 15.10 A.) The Hoosier H-R 15 right rear tire is discontinued and no longer permitted for competition.

  • 15.10 A.) For the 2016 racing season an 18″ RR tire (designation to follow) will be added to the current approved tire inventory.

The following were placed into effect by rule bulletin during the 2015 season and will be incorporated into the 2016 Rule Book:

· 15.5 Chassis/Frame F.) Only front axles made of magnetic steel will be permitted. The minimum sizes permitted will be; 2″ x .156″, 2 ¼” x .120 and/or 2 3/8″ or greater x .095″. Starting January 1, 2016 the minimum front axle size will be 2 3/8 diameter x .095 inch material thickness.

· 15.5 Shock Absorbers T.) Only conventional and thru-rod style shock absorbers will be permitted. Beginning January 1, 2015 any new style shock or any shock not in use with the WoO Sprint Series previous to this date must be approved by WoO prior to being placed into competition. Performance, safety and cost, along with other variables, will factor into the approval process. It is recommended that the approval process be completed prior to product production.

o Currently approved thru-rod style shocks:

Penske PS-7700T

· 15.5 U.) Slip tubing will not be allowed in the construction of the Rear End Safety “Butt” Bar.

The following are under review and consideration for 2016:

  • 15.5 Chassis/Frame: No slip tubing allowed in the roll cage area. (includes safety bars)

· 15.9 For the 2016 racing season it is recommended that wheel covers have a minimum of 5 mounting points. This rule becomes mandatory for the 2017 racing season.

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