Quad Cities 150
Davenport Speedway | Davenport, IA
Saturday, August 27, 2022
Race Recap  

THE BEAT GOES ON: Tanner English Nets $30K in Second Consecutive World of Outlaws win at Davenport

After waiting 45 races before claiming his first World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Series win, Tanner English said he thought the path to his second victory would be easier.

The Benton, KY driver didn’t wait long to prove himself right.

Less than 24 hours after scoring his first career Series win during the second night of the Quad Cities 150 at Davenport Speedway, he returned for the event’s epic $30,000-to-win finale, passing Ryan Gustin for the lead, and holding off Bobby Pierce for back-to-back wins.

Tanner English and his crew
Tanner English hugs his crew members in Victory Lane/Jacy Norgaard photo

Despite finding the winning formula for the second consecutive night, his journey to Victory Lane was very different.

English started on the pole of Saturday’s 70-lap Feature but lost the lead to Ashton Winger early on. He fell out of the top five and bided his time until his car came to life with less than 20 laps left.

That patience paid off as English worked his way to third on a restart with 11 laps remaining.

When the green flag flew, he dropped to the bottom, sprinting past Ryan Gustin as Lap 62 clicked off the scoreboard.

It looked like he’d be on cruise control to the checkered flag, but a yellow slowed the field with six laps to go, pitting English against a surging Shannon Babb and a familiar foe—Pierce.

The two drivers pulled away from Babb on the restart and waged war for the final six laps. Pierce swung his car to the top, hoping to find momentum while English stayed the course on the bottom.

As they came to the checkered flag, English found the speed he needed in Turn 4, beating Pierce to the line by a few car lengths.

The finish of the Quad Cities 150 finale
Tanner English holds off Bobby Pierce for the win/Jacy Norgaard photo

The Rookie of the Year contender said his patience in the race’s first half set the stage for his rise to the top at the end.

“At the start there, I was just biding my time and trying to not spin the tires because I knew what I had,” English said. “I knew they needed to last, and we just made it last, and with about 10 or 11 to go, I had caught back up to them. I don’t know if their tires just went away or what happened.

“Mine just stayed the same the whole race, and I didn’t really lose any time. So, I don’t know. The car was just awesome.”

English’s second straight win moves him closer to Dennis Erb Jr. in the championship standings. The Carpentersville, IL driver finished 19th after being involved in the caution with 11 laps left.

Erb’s points lead has been cut to 98 points with 12 races remaining, while English leads Blair by 84 points in the Rookie of the Year race.

Pierce crossed the line second for the third straight night. Like English, the Oakwood, IL driver came on late in the Feature before falling short of the $30,000 prize.

“Tanner drove a hell of a race, I was trying all I could to catch him,” Pierce said. “The cushion was very, very thin and there was a little left in Turn 3 but not enough out of 4.

“This place provides such good racing all the time. It was a little more dirty tonight than I preferred, but it eventually got there. It just took a long, long time to get there. The last five laps, I was trying all I could because I knew Tanner was so good on the bottom that it was going to be hard to beat him without being ahead of him on the restart.”

Shannon Babb
Shannon Babb drove from last to 3rd in Saturday’s Feature/Jacy Norgaard photo

Shannon Babb, from Moweaqua, IL crossed the line third after starting last in the Feature. The “Mowequa Missile” praised Davenport Speedway’s track crew and how well his Longhorn chassis ran in his charge to the front.

“They did a hell of a job of preparing that track and reviving it,” Babb said. “We were able to work on our car and make a few adjustments. And starting last, I was like, man, these guys are going to lap me in a hurry, so I got to get my ass going.

“They did a great job with the track, and we were able to go everywhere that I needed to go. I’m just impressed with this new car. This Longhorn chassis is really fast, this Vic Hill engine is really good, and I’m just really tickled to death to get by a lot of those cars.”

Shane Clanton, the 2015 Series champion, finished fourth—his best finish of the weekend.

The “Georgia Bulldog” credited how well his Capital Race Car has been running of late as one of the reasons he’s started to get better finishes at the 1/4-mile track.

“I feel way better than I’ve ever been here,” Clanton said. “Yes, they changed the shape of the racetrack a little bit, but also, my race car is a little better, too. So, that makes me feel real good.”

Justin Kay passes Brian Shirley
Justin Kay scored his first career World of Outlaws top five at Davenport Speedway/Jacy Norgaard photo

Justin Kay from Wheatland, IA, rounded out the top five. The son of track promotors Ricky and Brenda Kay stated he was thrilled to get his first top-five finish with the World of Outlaws Late Models.

“It’s great doing it at home, at Dad’s racetrack, and with everyone I know that’s here, it’s awesome,” Kay said. “I’ll take [a top-five] anywhere.”

Gustin and Winger, who led laps in the Feature, both went to the pits in the final 12 laps. The Marshalltown, IA driver finished 20th, while Winger crossed the line in 15th.

English’s confidence continues to rise after scoring his second straight World of Outlaws win at Davenport. However, he knows he can’t let that confidence climb too high as the Series returns to the Southeast on Labor Day weekend.

“I think if we keep on doing what we’re doing and staying consistent, we’ll be alright,” English said. “Some of these tracks coming up are a little harder for me. The red dirt tracks I’m not the best on.

“We need to learn a little bit down there and maybe lean on our guys at Longhorn a little bit and see if we can get some more information and get a little bit better.”

UP NEXT: The Most Powerful Late Models on the Planet head to the Southeast for a Labor Day Weekend doubleheader. First, the Series returns to Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN, on Friday, Sept. 2, for the Smoky Mountain Showdown.

Then, the World of Outlaws CASE Late Models travels to Georgia for a trip to Lavonia Speedway in Lavonia, GA, on Saturday, September 3.

TICKETS: https://bit.ly/3CGldJg

CASE Construction Equipment Feature (70 Laps): 1. 81E-Tanner English[1]; 2. 32-Bobby Pierce[9]; 3. 18-Shannon Babb[25]; 4. 25-Shane Clanton[6]; 5. 15K-Justin Kay[5]; 6. 16-Tyler Bruening[21]; 7. 9-Devin Moran[3]; 8. 25F-Jason Feger[8]; 9. 3S-Brian Shirley[11]; 10. 42-Chad Finley[18]; 11. B1-Brent Larson[15]; 12. 99-Jeff Larson[13]; 13. 111V-Max Blair[17]; 14. 11-Gordy Gundaker[10]; 15. 58-Ashton Winger[2]; 16. 29-Spencer Diercks[7]; 17. 99B-Boom Briggs[24]; 18. 1-Josh Richards[23]; 19. 28-Dennis Erb Jr[14]; 20. 19R-Ryan Gustin[4]; 21. 21-Billy Moyer Sr[12]; 22. 99JR-Frank Heckenast Jr[16]; 23. 10-Paul Parker[22]; 24. 7R-Kent Robinson[20]; 25. 32S-Chris Simpson[19] FOX FACTORY HARD CHARGER: Shannon Babb [+22]

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Feature Results
11081ETanner English 700.0009Running150$30,000
29+732Bobby Pierce 70-0.505Running146$15,000
325+2218Shannon Babb 70-1.398Running144$7,000
46+225Shane Clanton 70-3.805Running142$6,000
55015KJustin Kay 70-4.110Running140$5,000
621+1516Tyler Bruening 70-5.078Running138$4,500
73-49Devin Moran 70-6.640Running136$4,000
88025FJason Feger 70-7.020Running134$3,500
911+23SBrian Shirley 70-8.009Running132$3,000
1018+842Chad Finley 70-8.346Running130$2,500
1115+4B1Brent Larson 70-9.455Running128$2,300
1213+199Jeff Larson 70-9.701Running126$2,200
1317+4111VMax Blair 70-10.138Running124$2,100
1410-411Gordy Gundaker 70-11.434Running122$2,000
152-1358Ashton Winger 70-11.53031Running120$1,800
167-929Spencer Diercks 70-12.530Running118$1,700
1724+799BBoom Briggs 69-1 LapsRunning116$1,600
1823+51Josh Richards 69-1 LapsRunning114$1,550
1914-528Dennis Erb Jr67-3 LapsRunning112$1,500
204-1619RRyan Gustin 63-7 Laps31DNF110$1,500
2112-921Billy Moyer Sr61-9 LapsDNF108$1,500
2216-699JRFrank Heckenast Jr49-21 LapsDNF106$1,500
2322-110Paul Parker 26-44 LapsDNF104$1,500
2420-47RKent Robinson 22-48 LapsDNF102$1,500
2519-632SChris Simpson 19-51 LapsDNF102$1,500
Last Chance Showdown Results
13+2111VMax Blair 120.0006Running0$0
22032SChris Simpson 12-1.5143Running0$0
35+216Tyler Bruening 12-2.463Running0$0
47+355CChad Mahder 12-2.957Running90$110
58+318Shannon Babb 12-3.698Running0$0
64-253Andrew Kosiski 12-3.815Running90$110
76-11Josh Richards 12-4.844Running0$0
89+191Michael Guldenpfenning 12-5.377Running90$110
91-828MJimmy Mars 8-4 Laps3DNF90$110
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
12+142Chad Finley 120.00010Running0$0
21-17RKent Robinson 12-2.7542Running0$0
34+110Paul Parker 12-6.262Running0$0
43-199BBoom Briggs 12-7.538Running0$0
57+231KKye Blight 12-8.344Running90$200
65-138Thomas Hunziker 12-9.299Running90$200
76-142HJohnathan Huston 12-11.321Running90$200
880115Jacob Lenth 12102.381Running90$200
99011TTrevor Gundaker 0-12 LapsDNS90$200
Heat 1 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
12+119RRyan Gustin 120.00012Running
26+429Spencer Diercks 12-1.376Running
31-232Bobby Pierce 12-1.974Running
45+199Jeff Larson 12-3.638Running
57+228MJimmy Mars 12-4.501Running
63-3111VMax Blair 12-5.669Running
74-316Tyler Bruening 12-7.409Running
88055CChad Mahder 12-8.164Running
99091Michael Guldenpfenning 12-12.439Running
Heat 2 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11058Ashton Winger 120.00012Running
22025FJason Feger 12-1.367Running
35+23SBrian Shirley 12-3.036Running
46+2B1Brent Larson 12-3.870Running
54-132SChris Simpson 12-5.061Running
68+253Andrew Kosiski 12-5.386Running
7701Josh Richards 12-5.593Running
83-518Shannon Babb 11-1 LapsRunning
Heat 3 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
1109Devin Moran 120.00012Running
23+125Shane Clanton 12-1.173Running
36+311Gordy Gundaker 12-1.839Running
42-228Dennis Erb Jr12-2.120Running
54-17RKent Robinson 12-2.428Running
65-199BBoom Briggs 12-3.279Running
78+138Thomas Hunziker 12-4.046Running
87-131KKye Blight 8-4 LapsDNF
Heat 4 Results
Pos.Start+/-#DriverLaps CompletedBehindLaps LedStatus
11081ETanner English 120.00012Running
25+315KJustin Kay 12-3.204Running
33021Billy Moyer Sr12-3.764Running
42-299JRFrank Heckenast Jr12-4.759Running
54-142Chad Finley 12-5.200Running
67+110Paul Parker 12-9.574Running
78+142HJohnathan Huston 12-10.264Running
89+1115Jacob Lenth 3-9 LapsDNF
96-311TTrevor Gundaker 0-12 LapsDNS
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Event Info  

Quad Cities 150
August 25, 2022 to August 27, 2022
Davenport Speedway
2815 W Locust St
Davenport, IA 

Event Description
The World of Outlaws Late Models will make a second trip to Iowa in the summer with their return to Davenport Speedway. The Series will be in town for another three-night tour on the banks of the Mississippi River on Aug. 25-27. Saturday’s finale will pay $30,000-to-win for the second straight year.

For the first time ever, the Xtreme Outlaws Midgets will join the Late Models on August 26 & 27, battling for $4,000 each night.

Series Racing
World of Outlaws Late Model Series Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

Support Divisions
Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

To Win Amount

Total Purse

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
2PM Pit Gates open
5PM Grandstand Gates open
6:30PM Hot Laps/Qualifying
7:30PM Opening Ceremonies
*All times Central

Entertainment/Additional Events
Full list of events:

11a Hy-vee Nascar on display
12p Truck Show
Post-Race Truck Light Show

12p Truck Show, Cornhole sign up
1p Cornhole Tournament
4p-5p Autograph session with drivers from both series
Post-Race Truck Light Show

Live Music Nightly

Ticket Options  
Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Options And Prices
General Admission Grandstands
3-Day: $90 (Thurs-Sat)
2-Day: $70 (Fri-Sat)
Thursday: $30
Friday: $35
Saturday: $40
Kids: 12-under FREE
Vehicle parking in pit area: $30/week
ATV /Golf Cart passes: $30/week


Grandstand Type

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Handicapped Seating Location
Front Row

Pit Pass Price
3-Day Pit: $100
2-day $80
Thursday $35
Friday $40
Saturday $45

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Front gate

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
No reservations are being taken. First come, first serve. Fees will be collected upon arrival. Tent Camping - $60 for three days, $20 extra if arriving on Wednesday. Dry Camping - $90 for three days, $30 extra if arriving on Wednesday. Hook Ups - $150 for three days, $50 extra if arriving on Wednesday.

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Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

To Win Amount

Total Purse

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Stadium seats are not allowed

Handicapped Seating
Front Row

Handicapped Parking
Front gate

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Coolers are prohibited.


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No alcohol is allowed. Beer is available for purchase.

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No smoking in the grandstands

Family Section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
No reservations are being taken. First come, first serve. Fees will be collected upon arrival. Tent Camping - $60 for three days, $20 extra if arriving on Wednesday. Dry Camping - $90 for three days, $30 extra if arriving on Wednesday. Hook Ups - $150 for three days, $50 extra if arriving on Wednesday.

Track Info  

Davenport Speedway
2815 W Locust St
Davenport, IA 

Track Phone
(563) 349-5044

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Track Email
[email protected]

Track Size & Type

Late Model Track Record
13.207 seconds by Bobby Pierce on 8/25/22

Late Model Track Record
13.207 seconds by Bobby Pierce on 8/25/22

Travel Tips
Best Western Plus Steeple Gate Inn: $119
Located right off I-80, just 15 minutes from the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.
100 West 76th Street Davenport IA (563) 386-6900

Comfort Inn & Suites Davenport: $120
Free parking, breakfast, and Wi-Fi.
8300Northwest Blvd. Davenport IA (563) 324-8300

Hilton Garden Inn: $109
Rate includes Wi-Fi and parking.
959 Middle Road Bettendorf IA (563) 265-2121

Isle Casino Hotel: $69-$94 (Thur $69 / Fri $89 / Sat $94 exclusive of $10 daily fee & 12% tax)
Rate includes $10 casino play for guests over 21.
1777 Isle Parkway Bettendorf IA
Book online or call direct (563) 441-7114

Quality Inn & Suites: $89.99-$99.99 ($89.99 when booking 3 or more nights)
Rate includes free hot breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking.
6605 Brady Street Davenport IA (563) 386-8336

Closest Airport

Other Airport
Mt. Joy

Track Map
Competitor Info  
Competitor Downloads

Competitor Info
Left Front (Open Tire)
(Hoosier LM30, W30) on Right Front, Left Rear, Right Rear
(LM40) Right Rear Option Saturday Only
Left front must remain on the left front all night.
{Grooving and Siping is Allowed}
** Thursday and Friday you must run the same tires all night.
** Saturday you must heat race, and run LCS on the same tires, you may change (2) tires for the Feature.

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